Welcome to our website, CindyAndTeresaGoToEurope.com. You’ve come to the right place to learn all you ever wanted to know (and probably oh-so-much more) about our 25-day trip of a lifetime. We visited six countries with stops ranging from tiny Rothenburg, Germany, and the five Italian coastal villages of the Cinque Terre, to the major cities of Amsterdam, Rome and Paris.

Below (bottom left) are Cindy and Teresa - Live at 7:00am CDT on 9/14/2009 from the Amadeus Mozart Hotel web cam at Grote Markt in Haarlem, Netherlands - the day the tour began.


Making your own plans to leave your spouses behind for an excursion through Europe? Check out the books and gear that Cindy and Teresa recommend below.

In November 2009, Cindy will complete her fifth Breast Cancer 3-Day. Please support her fight against this disease.Make a contribution through Cindy at the Breast Cancer 3-Day website.